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Share the Bad News and Good News to reach the lost, and strengthen the found.

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The path to realizing the full power of the Gospel in your ministry begins here.

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Videos, quizzes, and companion guides will ensure that you learn the gospel and know how to share it.

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Help your entire congregation, leadership team, or core group know how to share the gospel in any sermon or conversation. 

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Fulfill the great commission, increase your ministry's impact, and transform the world through the power of the gospel.

"I was challenged and motivated ... I love the fact that pastors can receive an ongoing challenge to be clear about what the gospel is and how people respond."

-Ed Stetzer

Everything you need, in one  online course.

The GF7 Course provides you everything you need to effectively share the gospel in any ministry context. 

  • 20+ videos from trusted pastors and ministry leaders
  • Interactive Quizzes ensure you  understand the lesson
  • Companion Guide takes the study deeper 
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Pastors and Church Planters Will Train You

Jon Tyson, Doug Logan, Jon Elswick, Casey Cleveland and others each guide you through understanding the Gospel and how to present it faithfully.

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The GF7 Course provides you everything you need to effectively share the gospel in any ministry context. 

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Here's What You'll Learn

The Gospel Boot Camp is where you'll learn to apply the GF7 Framework, ensuring your ability to preach a clear, complete, logical, and contextual presentation of the gospel in any culture or context.

Module 1: Defining the Gospel

With so much confusion over the gospel in the minds of nonbelievers and believers alike, it is paramount that pastors and ministry leaders make the gospel clear. But, can it be defined?

Module 2: The Bad News

The journey to believing the good news of what Christ has done for sinners begins with understanding what has separated us from God and how he views our condition.

Module 3: The Good News

There is no better news than what our righteous and just God did for a sinful people. The Good News is the story of the infinite degree to which God went to rescue his children.

Module 4: Implementation 

Every believer is called to fulfill the Great Commission and extend the invitation of God to those he is calling into his family. Learn how to extend an invitation in every sermon or conversation.

"As a pastor who shares the gospel regularly with others and from the pulpit weekly, going through this course renewed my appreciation for all aspects of the Gospel and bolstered my confidence in sharing it with others."

-Kris Hassanpour

We're Trusted by Gospel-Centered Ministries

Our training has been used across the world by Churches, Church Planting Networks, and International Ministries.

Transform Your Ministry

There is no greater skill a pastor or ministry leader can posses than the ability to make the Gospel clear and relevant to any person at any time.


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